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Dr. Sand's Bookshop

A curated list of books spanning topics like the microbiome, fertility, metabolism, and menopause. 

Dr. Sand's Fullscript Dispensary

Sign up and earn 15% all medical quality supplements from Dr. Sand's store. Browse protocols for digestive, hormone, metabolic and autoimmune conditions.

Freed AI Charting for Clinicians 

Save hours on documentation. Get 50% off your first month with code DrSand50 at checkout. 


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vitamins and nutrients. Third party tested with traceable ingredients.

20% discount code at checkout:


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AI SOAP note charting for clinicians.

50% discount code at checkout: DrSand50

Coffee alternatives with healing mushrooms, turmeric, organic cacao, and  Himalayan sea salt. 

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Soda with low sugar, 9g of fiber and herbs. 

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Organic cold-pressed juices.

10% discount code at checkout: SAND10


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