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What is Naturopathic and Functional Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is a branch of modern medicine rooted in whole body health. Naturopathic doctors attend 4 years of graduate medical education studying anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, minor surgery, pharmacotherapy (medications) along with extensive training in herbal medicine, body mechanics, nutrition, mind-body health, and homeopathy.

Guided by ancient wisdom of the body and nature, Naturopathic Medicine utilizes a variety of tools that are effective and often carry less risk and fewer side effects than medications or surgery alone.


NDs focus on disease prevention as well as restoring balance to the whole body. 

Trained as primary care providers, NDs are well-versed in natural therapies to support all body systems. Rather than just treating what's broken, NDs explore the root cause to support lasting health.

Naturopathic Doctors
blend traditional and modern medicine
to cultivate lasting health and vitality.

One of the principles of Naturopathic Medicine is Docere, or doctor as teacher. NDs will take the time to discuss your condition and why certain treatment strategies are recommended. The goal is to have you feeling confident in the path forward and to understand the intricacies of your own health and progress.

After years in genetics and molecular biology research and studying with integrative practitioners around the world, Dr. Sand is uniquely equipped to bring Western and Eastern medicine together to help her patients achieve their goals. 

The 6 Principles of
Naturopathic Medicine

First Do No Harm

Start by using the most natural, least invasive, and least toxic therapies to achieve health and wellness.

The Healing Power of Nature

Engage the body’s inherent wisdom to heal itself towards wellness and total health. Nature has provided powerful tools to help our bodies heal and NDs are uniquely trained in safely and effectively utilizing natural medicines.

Treat the Whole Person

Our physical health in intricately tied to our mental well-being, our environment and to nature. It is only through this comprehensive and whole-person-based approach that we can fully restore balance and health.


Prevention is the best medicine. NDs teach patients not only how to address their current concerns, but also how to foster a healthy life.

Black and White Flower
Doctor as Teacher

You know your body best! NDs want you to feel confident in the path we take together. Part of our visit is spent making you have a better understand what it takes to be and stay well.

Identify and Treat the Causes

There is a time and place for symptom suppression, however most naturopathic patients will benefit from identifying the underlying causes of illness and removing obstacles to cure.

Insurance Codes 
This is not a guarantee of coverage or services. The codes below serve as examples of what a provider could bill for these services. Actual billing will depend on medical necessity and the provider's assessment. 

  • New patient visit CPT - 99205, 99204, 99203, G2211, G2212, 99417

  • Follow up visit CPT - ​99215, 99214, 99213, G2211, G2212, 99417 and other need-based codes​

  • Note: diagnostic codes are dependent on the individual, medical necessity, and the requirements of the visit. Examples cannot be provided.

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