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Dr. Rebecca Sand creates a calm and nurturing atmosphere when it comes to her Maya Abdominal Massage treatments. I couldn’t recommend her enough as she has helped make my pregnancy easy and painless. It has been a life saver for my lower back pains and heartburn; especially nearing the end of my pregnancy!

- Olivia, patient

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

Maya Abdominal Therapy is for all bodies and genders. This therapy incorporates external massage techniques to optimize and align structures of the abdomen and pelvis. By relieving blockages and restoring proper position of these structures, we improve circulation, function, and reduce progression of disease. Maya Abdominal Therapy providers receive extensive specialty training in pelvic anatomy and are uniquely skilled at restoring balance to these complex and vital structures.


What can I expect?

After getting comfortable and relaxed on the massage table, Dr. Sand applies gentle, herb-infused oils on your belly that promote digestion and decrease inflammation. The abdominal massage is tailored to your comfort level and according to Dr. Sand's assessment of your internal structures. She can help guide you through what she is feeling and often takes time to teach you some self-care techniques to do at home. 


What can Maya Abdominal Therapy help with?

  • Painful periods

  • PMS

  • Irregular cycles

  • Bladder or yeast infections

  • Fertility enhancement – all genders

  • Fibroids, cysts

  • Pelvic pain

  • Menopause

  • Motility disorders

  • Headaches / migraines

  • GERD

  • IBS

  • SIBO

  • Crohn’s / UC

  • Recovery from abdominal surgeries / C-sections

  • Fatigue

  • Gastropariesis 

Insurance Codes 
This is not a guarantee of coverage or services. The codes below serve as examples of what a provider could bill for these procedures. Actual billing will depend on medical necessity and the provider's assessment. 

  • Osteopathic Manipulation

    • CPT - 98929

    • Diagnosis codes - M99.00 - M99.09​​

    • Often used with Providence insurance​

  • Manual Therapy 

    • CPT - 97140​

    • Diagnosis codes - R10.2

    • Sometimes needs prior authorization or referral

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