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Drs. Rebecca Sand, Ami Kapadia and Ilana Gurevich tackle complex digestive topics, spanning IBS, Celiac, parasites, SIBO, sleep and the gut, biofilms, the gut-brain connection and more. Tune in to hear clinical pearls, research updates and think with us through some tough cases. 

Designed to be a conversation among friends ...friends who happen to be gut doctors. 

Episodes released every other week.


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SIFO Part 1

In our first episode Dr. Ami Kapadia leads us in a discussion of fungal overgrowth in the GI tract. Topics include:

  • Symptoms Testing Treatment of SIFO

  • Organic Acid Testing, Stool Testing

  • ProtozoaTongue coating

  • Association with allergies, MCAS, skin

  • Vulvovaginitis and candidiasis

  • IBS, IBD and SIFO

  • Biofilm and SIFO

#IBS #biofilm #MCAS #IBD #tonguecoating #protozoa #organicacidtesting 


SIFO Part 2

We had too much to cover! Here, Dr. Kapadia continues our discussion with the following:

  • Foundations of health

  • Stress and gut health

  • Limbic system retraining

  • Diet and SIFO

  • Nutrient deficiencies - magnesium, iron, others

  • Effects of PPIs and H2 blockers

  • Medication and herbal treatment


#SIFO #botanicalmedicine #fluconazole #diflucan #PPI #H2blockers #magnesium #nutrientdeficiency #gutandstress #irondeficiency #diet 

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SIFO Part 3

Dr's Sand, Kapadia and Gurevich continue their discussion on SIFO, Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth. In this episode Dr. Kapadia leads us through more details in a discussion of fungal overgrowth in the GI tract. Covered in this episode:

-Botanicals and medications for SIFO

-gluten sensitivity and candida

-sugar and candida, and the mold yeast elimination diet

-MCAS, cromolyn, nettles, quercitin

#mcas #nettles #cromolyn #sugarandcandida #glutensensitivity #gymnema #antifungals #botanicalmedicine #eliminationdiet

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Foundation Series:
GI & Sleep

Dr. Ami Kapadia present her clinical experience with the effects of sleep (or lack of) on gut health. You'll get to bed early after this one!



Testing can be hard for this one- which tests can you trust and what do you do once you find them. Dr. Gurevich shares her deep dives and best tips.

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