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Clinical Mentorship and Consults

Who is this for?

Clinical consults and mentorship offerings are licensed clinical healthcare providers (ND, DC, DO, MD, PA, NP, PsyD, LAc, etc.) who have completed coursework in functional or naturopathic medicine (IFM, Wisdom Institute, an accredited naturopathic medical school). 

This offering is NOT available to patients or clients and is not medical advice. If you are interested in seeing Dr. Sand as a patient or for out-of-state education consults, please schedule a visit.  

What can I expect?

Dr. Sand has helped over 5,000 patients with the tools of functional and naturopathic medicine. Clinical consults are an opportunity to obtain guidance on thinking through tough cases and achieve a better understanding of how functional medicine can improve your care strategies and outcomes. Dr. Sand welcomes case discussion and is happy to answer clinical questions as well as share resources. Ultimately, Dr. Sand is committed to helping train effective and safe functional medicine providers. 

How can I prepare for a clinical consult or mentorship and maximize my time?

  • Once you schedule, you will receive a link to upload a case or series of questions for Dr. Sand. You will also receive a liability waiver that MUST be signed prior to the scheduled session. Failture to sign the waiver prior to the session will result in needing to reschedule your session and a fee. 

  • Providers have found the most benefit from these sessions when they come prepared. Once scheduled and paid, you will be able to upload cases to discuss with Dr. Sand. 

    • Important: any case information submitted cannot include any PHI. You are solely responsible for the privacy of your patients's medical information. Please thoroughly redact any PHI from the case you send. 

  • It is recommended to come prepared with a list of clinical questions to ask.

  • One session typically offers sufficient time to cover one case thoroughly OR a separate series of clinical questions, such as help interpreting a SIBO test and discussing treatment options

Important notes: 

  • All participants of these medical consults must hold an active license in the state in which they practice and are solely responsible for overseeing the clinical care, health, well-being, and appropriate and safe management of their own patients/clients.

  • All participates are solely responsible for adhering to their own scope of practice, regardless of what is discussed at a mentorship session. 

  • Dr. Sand will not provide clinical consult for your personal health or disease. If the case you are seeing advice on is about you or your family member, Dr. Sand will be unable to provide clinical consult and the full fee for the session will  be owed. 


  • Meet with Dr. Sand one on one and she will help you with your case.

    30 min

    200 US dollars
  • Join a group mentorship (minimum 3 people needed)


    1 hr

    50 US dollars
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