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Heartburn ❤️🔥

Heartburn stinks. It can manifest as a burning in the upper stomach or throat, a bitter or acidic taste in the mouth, chest pain when bending over, or a pressure sensation in the chest. Some people notice bloating or frequent hiccups, too.

So, what do we do?

Let's ask your LES, the gate-keeper to the stomach.

A few things you can do to support your LES
and reduce heartburn symptoms:

1. Stay upright after eating for at least 60 mins after eating, especially after dinner.

2. Take a gentle 15 min walk after eating. This helps with downward digestion and metabolism.

3. Avoiding citrus, chocolate, alcohol, tomato, spicy food, and peppermint, especially in the evening. These foods may actually cause further loosening of the LES, leading to more heartburn.

4. Raise the head of your bed 6 inches.

5. Avoid large meals at dinner. Make lunch your largest meal.

6. Avoid carbonated foods and chew your food very well. This reduces gas in the stomach that needs to escape. Excess burping puts a strain on the LES.

Some people will need additional support with herbs, nutrients, or medications. Schedule a visit for us to talk more about which options would be best for your body.

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